Status Reports

Due to the large number of International investors and claimants involved in these cases, the Trustee is unable to immediately respond to inquiries via telephone.  However, your questions and concerns are very important to us. The recommended method of communication is via email –  All emails will be acknowledged. You may also send inquiries via regular mail. 

The complex issues, multiple entities and thousands of transactions in these cases over many years present a daunting task for the Trustee’s investigative team. We will continue to keep you informed on noteworthy events. This will be a long and arduous task and may evolve over some years Your patience and understanding as to this vast undertaking is sincerely appreciated. 

In an attempt to reduce the administration expenses in these cases, I request that you first access this website at  which will likely provide answers to many of your questions. The website will be updated as new information is obtained.
Click on the links below to view the Trustee’s Status Reports:

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Trustee's Seventh Status Report  
Trustee's Sixth Status Report  
Trustee’s Fifth Status Report  
Trustee’s Fourth Status Report  
Trustee’s Third Status Report  
Trustee’s Second Status Report  
Trustee’s First Status Report  
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